You Are Here probably offers the roughest internship you can imagine. While working with us you are expected to work hard and face real case challenges, but will be rewarded by developing many new skills. You will be included in the process of creating new concepts for restaurants and hotels, coming up with a good message for an activity or experience, and finally, being able to create the feeling of being at a destination by using words, imagery or motion picture.

Perhaps you have a background as an illustrator, or currently studying graphic design, behavioural science, or media & communications, or maybe just have a great interest for marketing in the tourism and hospitality industry? Most importantly is that you share our passion and appreciation of experiences involving food, beverages, hotels, nature and travel destinations, and that you are eager to learn and play with ideas on how to enhance communication in these sectors!

The Gift

The gift

As you have completed your internship with us you will have an invaluable set of new skills and experiences, and your portfolio will be filled with great work of which you should take pride. In addition, you will be handed “The Gift” – a package whose content is secret, but which we assure you is of liquid form.

Previous interns

Karro Pettersson, @annakarolina, had an internship at You Are Here for the first time in 2015. However, because she is awesome and we like each other so much, she’s was back at the office for another 2 periods of internship! We miss!

Lina Eriksson
Internship Reklambyrå

Lina Eriksson, @senpailina, spend a six-week internship with us, which we are super excited about! Not only because she is better than us at TV series and gaming, but also because she is a whiz at finding stuff on both Pinterest and in old archives!

Apply, apply...

You are welcome to apply if you have an awesome portfolio, a computer and are available for an internship during at least six weeks. Send work samples, cover letter and a resume. Also, let us know what skills you look to develop! Welcome!

Apply here or send an email to